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*Edinburgh Spotlight Pick of the Fringe 2010*  *Nomination Best Production 2013/14 London Cabaret Awards* 

Press Quotes,  House of Burlesque

'Guaranteed to blow your mind, it's like Moulin Rouge on acid' Time Out 2017

'A highly skilled piece of theatrical cabaret and - as the raucous reaction of this crowd attests - rip-roaring fun... a show that reclaims burlesque for the act of female empowerment it should be.' The Stage 2014

'The show is both an homage to great burlesque of the past and a flirtation with all it can achieve in the modern sense.' A Younger Theatre 2015

'The House of Burlesque is a marvellous show of women’s empowerment...this group of beautiful and talented lovelies show a skill set far surpassing that of just show girls and guys. This is a variety show of the highest calibre, London’s very own Vegas.' London Theatre1 2015

'There are not enough stars to describe just how brilliant it is, so go see it for yourself' - A Younger Theatre 2014

5 STARS - Westend Wilmer 2014

'House of Burlesque is in my opinion by far the best show of its kind in London *****' -  Everything Theatre 2014

'A deliciously decadent night that dazzles and delights all who attend' - The Gay UK 2013

'If you like steamy sensuality and tongue-in-cheek sass, you'll feel at home in this house' - This Is Cabaret 2013

'Extremely well balanced, paced, and effective; there really was something for every taste.' - 21st Century Burlesque 2014

'Consume with eyes wide open. Beware of the side effects; racing pulse, flushed cheeks (on your face this time), and an overwhelming desire to whoop, scream and cheer.' Kangrooviews 2014

'A real delight to watch these true masters at work' - Daily Echo, Southampton 2012

'Blends comedy and burlesque seamlessly...I would highly recommend it' **** - The Good Review 2012

'As good as you are likely to see...the audience became quite transfixed' Trebuchet Magazine 2012

'Beautifully Executed' - What's on Stage 2012

'It seems mad to have such amazing costumes only to take them off!… The House of Burlesque is splendid - but don't expect to be eased in gently. Amazing dancers, costumes and bodies. A plethora of laugh out loud and utterly shocking moments'  - The Public Reviews  2012

 'An enjoyable and skilled night of Variety...It is great to know that these many first timers actually got a show that did what burlesque originally set out to do - to tease, politicise and parody...strikingly intelligent' - This Is Cabaret 2013

 'This is burlesque as it should be; bold, bawdy and absolutely beautiful.' - Three Weeks 2010

‘It’s a sophisticated, smart and cheeky hour’ - Fringe Review 2010

‘A magnificent hour of heart-throbbing entertainment’ - Erotic Review 2010

‘Prepare to be amazed!’ - Scotsgay 2010

‘The kind of circus you may well find yourself wanting to run away with.’ - Edinburgh Spotlight 2010

‘Burlesque in its purest form, with performers and routines that had a classic, timeless quality.’  -  Edinburgh Spotlight 2010 – Pick of the Fringe

Press Quotes, Tempest Rose

'Stunning!" The Daily Star 2017

'She is possibly the best mistress of ceremonies in burlesque today. At any rate, she has the best voice by a considerable margin.' This Is Cabaret 2015

'The perfect hostess' - Everything Theatre 2014

'Not only is she talented, but also she might just be your hero by the end of the hour and a half show.' - A Younger Theatre 2014

'She is glamorous, humorous and above all has a brilliant voice' London Theatre1 2015

'Pure gold... She hits the mark perfectly as our host' - This Is Cabaret 2014

'Her humour and quick wit...sass and oodles of sex appeal, hold the audience in the palm of her perfectly manicured hands from the very moment she takes the stage. She has a voice as smooth as velvet and her rendition of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is one of the most beautiful covers I have heard.' The Gay UK 2013

‘Burlesque Queen’ What’s on Stage 2009

‘Gratuitous show-stealer Tempest Rose, a burlesque performer with devilish charms' Time Out 2009 

'Her velveteen voice and teasing charm will leave your seat wet. If it doesn’t, you must be dead from the waist down.’ ScotsGay 2010 

‘Tempest Rose owns the audience…Top-notch cabaret singing’ Erotic Review 2010 

‘Phenomenally talented Tempest Rose who almost steals the show with her own quick wit, sublime stage presence and snap, cackle and jazz singing voice.’ Three Weeks 2010

 ‘Topical, satirical and enjoyable’ Edinburgh Spotlight 2010

 ‘Beautiful Tones’ What’s on Stage **‘It is all raised to another level by the so-called Ring Mistress Miss Temptress Rose, blessed with a keen wit and a filthy laugh. She controls the evening beautifully, and is a smart and gorgeous host.’ Fringe Review 2010

 ‘Tempest Rose is indeed a woman who oozes so much sex appeal she is probably illegal in several countries’ Recognise Magazine 2013

Pic by David Bremner

Pic by David Bremner

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BBC 1 - Heir Hunters (Burlesque Expert); MTV – My Super Sweet World Class; Channel 4 - The Sex Education Show; ITV2 - I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here Now; BBC3 - Make My Body 10 Years Younger (Burlesque Expert); BBC Culture Show; BBC News BBC Radio 2 – The Arts Show; BBC Radio London; BBC Radio Berkshire; Galaxy FM: BBC Radio Norfolk; BBC Radio Humberside; BBC Radio Leeds.


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