Finalist Interview: Violet Blaze

1.      Q. What does burlesque mean to you?

A.Glitter…Glamour and …Glitter.

It’s a chance for me to unleash my inner diva , and be loved for it ! Burlesque gives me freedom of expression.. there are no rules … you can just be yourself… I’ve always been a showgirl in my heart. I may not me super slim.. so may not get to be a Vegas chorus line girl…. But I can have my stage time and shake and shimmy as much as I like in this career. I’m not judged by my weight or shape … only by my performance… Oh… and I get to throw glitter around !!!!!!!!! YEH BABY!!!


2.      Q.What style of burlesque do you perform?

A.I try to stick to classic burlesque… I love songs with a vintage feel ( even if they are modern) and I absolutely LOVE show tunes. So I tend to perform to tracks from musicals.. or a modern song with a big ass band !!!!! I LOVE that old swing jazz…. This is just the perfect career for me… dancing to my favourite songs looking and feeling fabulous!!


3.      Q. Your favourite established burlesque act? 

A. GOTTA BE “BIG MAMA” !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my Mama Morton tribute to “When You’re Good To Mama” from Chicago. Queen Latifah played this character in the movie.. so I realised I had to really do it justice. Big Mama has won me a place in the Burlesque Idol Final … and I am very much looking forward to performing it again ! It’s been said that this act has inspired others ( some friends and some whom I don’t know) who are slightly more voluptuous to start burlesque. They see me on stage giving it all I got and celebrating my femininity … and they feel like they can do the same.

That is my aim, I’m just glad I can achieve that.


4.     Q.  Your biggest influence?

A. Musicals… Jazz music… and for costumes definitely the Vegas showgirls outfits… oh I just ADORE them!!!!!!!!!!!


5.      Q. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?

A. Winning Burlesque Idol 2012 would be an absolute dream come true and a great way to round off my first year as a burlesque performer. At first my mother struggled to come to terms with what I do… but gradually she has begun to appreciate that it’s just my creativity being shown in other ways. If I win Burlesque Idol… I think it would really prove that what I am doing is truly and utterly … FABULOUS!            

Good luck to all the girls performing … we’ve all done amazingly well to make it this far! May the best girl win!

Violet Blaze xxx

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