From small life-raft to giant Cruise-liner! Shipwrecked Tour 2012

Ahoy HOB Friends! As most of you know there have been mutterings from HOB Towers with regards to our fabulous show Shipwrecked! Shipwrecked started life as a small fledgling concept in the Spring of 2010 which was revisited after the huge success of Circus Burlesque at the Edinburgh Festival. As CB was an art-house burlesque show we wanted to create a comedy orientated show to showcase the range of burlesque styles we at HOB believe in.

September 2010 was the first ever outing of SW at Madame Jojos and was premiered to a pack house of our friends and fans. Since then the show has been nipped, tucked, pimped, expanded and has played monthly to a growing, sell-out audience of delighted fans. New costumes, choreography, line ups, guests and props have all been added to the mix over the past two years and now we have a show ready for UK take over! 

It has been my great pleasure to join production forces with The Booking Office who share my passion and vision for this amazing show and we can now announce our first set of tour dates! Over the next year we hope to grow the show and sail into a port near you.

Please click on the poster link below to see the full line up and we look forward to seeing you at the show!

Shipwrecked Poster