Trains, Shoes and Debbie McGee

Hear my interview with the lovely Debbie McGee on BBC Radio Berkshire talking about Circus Burlesque. Early Sunday morning I had gotten all dressed up to meet her at the BBC Studio and put on a pair of fabulous shoes I had found in my wardrobe that I had completely forgotten that I owned. Result!… Or so I thought. I guess they were pissed off that they had been abandoned in my cupboard unloved for a year and decided to have the last laugh because over the course of the day they slowly decided to disintegrate on me, so by the time I was chatting to Debbie I had one already bound with my hair ribbon to keep it together. It being Sunday it wasn’t until I had got all the way back to London that I could find an open shoe shop to purchase a new pair. If you can picture a fully glammed-up burlesque performer edging down Oxford Street with the souls of both shoes completely ripped apart the save for the very tips of my toes. The humiliation! I think a passing tramp actually stopped to give me a sympathetic glance and throw a 5p my way. Thank God for Dorothy Perkins in the end. Needless to say I had to have 5 cocktails at Cellar Door and an impromptu sing along with Pete Saunders to recover.

BBC Radio Berkshire interview with Debbie McGee, I’m 2h 18mins in.

Circus Burlesque, Theatre Royal Windsor, 29th May 2011