The New Princess is Crowned!

This Friday saw the culmination of this years Burlesque Idol Season 2…. and what an amazing night it was! 9 Contestants, 3 Star Judges, One Sharp-witted Comedian, 4 Maids, One Cool Sound-Smith and One of London’s Best Venues completely sold out with nearly 200 of our closest friends!

The evening began with a bang courtesy of gorgeous pop-diva Aurora Galore who’s up tempo Ga Ga inspired routine really got the crowd excited.  Next up April’s winning act - an emotionally enthralling and passionate piece of burlesque theatre from Carmella De La Minx. By the time we got to contestant number 3 the multi-talented and skilled Elsie Diamond, Polly Rae, Gogo Harder and I knew that choosing a winner was going to be an impossible task! Closing the first half came Ferri Maya with a thrilling dark, rock inspired black swan routine and it was definitely time for a break and glass of champagne to digest the fantastic acts that we had just seen!

Act two started with a dance extravaganza by Jolie Papillon fusing lots of elements of classic burlesque, then on to the comic genius of Nanny Dora - the grandmother of burlesque. As if that wasn’t enough we then were treated to the hilarious Peggy De Lune’s air stewardess, the inventive and clever performance comedy of Ruby Jones all finished off perfectly by lovely TeTe Bang and her fire-eating, axel grinding drummer girl.

Wow! Both myself and my fellow judges were absolutely blown away by not only the caliber and inventiveness of all the contestants but also their attention to detail. The evening was also brilliantly held together by our resident host Barnaby Slater who if you have not had the pleasure of being insulted by you have missed out on one of life’s treats.

The buzz in the crowd was wild during the second half interval when the votes were collected and you could literally feel the electricity in the air. While they were being counted we were treated to two stunning performances by New York City’s Go-Go Harder and our very own Miss Polly Rae…….

Then moment came…..

Who would go on to win Burlesque Idol 2011?

In third place we had the incredibly funny Nanny Dora with her wonderful touching and funny piece inspired by UK stalwart Terry Wogan, in second the very fabulous and sophisticated comedian Ruby Jones with a hilarious webcam piece, then the winner herself… Jolie Papillon!!! With a routine that skillfully combined Classic Burlesque, beautiful costuming, singing, high energy dance and personality this Italian butterfly clearly won the hearts of the audience - Well Done Girl!!

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved and also to our fabulous audience who really helped mark the occasion, and to our fab grand final sponsors: Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie, Retro Photo Studio and Volupte.

Burlesque Idol Season 3 begins in January 2012 and runs on the last Friday of every month.