Summer Speakeasy - Miss Dolly Rose

Coming up in June, is our 5 week summer season of Summer Speakeasy Shows at Madame JoJo’s in Soho.

The Summer Speakeasy is a limited 5 week run. There is the option of a show and burlesque class package which is the PERFECT option if you’re celebrating a Hen Party or Birthday!

Miss Dolly Rose is a London based Burlesque performer and teacher and a regular House of Burlesque performer and teacher. She will be the one putting you through your pre show class and introducing you to the world of Burlesque.

So what better reason to meet the lady herself…


What is your Performance Style?

I’d say I’m a classic burlesque performer, but with my own style; I do a lot of vintage dance styles outside of burlesque, so I’m very influenced by the authentic music and dancing of the 1920s to 1940s. I’m also never happier than when designing or making new costumes ,and draw my costuming inspiration from this period too.

When did you begin teaching with The House of Burlesque?

I began teaching with The House of Burlesque last year; I’ve really enjoyed the experience of teaching, from planning and creating classes to watching people have fun and gain confidence. I like to make classes as friendly and fun as possible.

Do you have a teaching style?

I try and make my classes fun but useful, full of tips and tricks. I llke my classes to be useful for people learning Burlesque for fun and to try something new, or for people interested in performing

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to learn Burlesque?

Try to learn as much as possible from different sources, its great to go to Burlesque classes, but try other dance styles like ballet too; also go to as many shows as possible, you can learn so much from watching others perform.

What aspect of Burlesque do you most enjoy teaching?

I love choreographing routines, so I always like creating routines to do in class; I always enjoy teaching tassel twirling on our beginners courses, as it’s great to see people going from feeling self conscious to feeling really confident, which is always really fun and rewarding.

Do you think a Class is a good Hen Party Idea?

Yes! definitely, its really enjoyable but also great for feeling confident, not to mention learning such practical life skills as posing and tasseling!

Thanks Dolly!

Sounds good!? Then come along to join us! The House of Burlesque Summer Speakeasy is the perfect warm up to your sizzeling Soho night.

And have a pair of tassles on us for the lady or man(?) of the hour if you are celebrating something special!