Finalist Interview: Scarlett Belle

Scarlett Belle gives us an insight into her burlesque mind…

1. What does burlesque mean to you?
Burlesque is my absolute favourite thing to do! I love the whole process of having some random idea, working out ways to make it entertaining to the audience, making the costume, rehearsing and then launching the act. I love trying to surprise the audience and listening for their reactions. I think its such a great thing for anyone to do, be it men or women. Its mainly just about having fun and being able to not take yourself too seriously.
2. What style of burlesque do you perform?
My performance style is very classic bump and grind. I love the glamour of burlesque and the beautiful costumes and props. I am also very cheese cake and like silly old fashioned humour and slap stick comedy. I think it works really well with burlesque especially as you don’t speak to the audience but communicate through actions, unless you have a ‘Sing and Fling’ routine which I also do as I was a singer long before a burlesque artiste. Its great fun to be able to speak to the audience too. 
3. Your favourite established burlesque act?
I think there are so many great performers out there that it makes it hard to chose one act. There is also such a variety out there which is the really special thing about burlesque and ensures that there is something out there for everyone.
4. Your biggest influence: I think my biggest influences come from the old greats from the golden era such as Sally Rand, Bettie Page, Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm, Lili St. Cyr, Gypsy Rose Lee and Josephine Baker. I think they are all stunning women and sexy as hell! They really pushed the boundaries and lay the foundations of burlesque as we know it today. I also love watching old films and trying to catch the glamour and innocence of the bygone days. I love to think back to the times when it was really naughty to remove a glove or reveal your stocking (and not even take it off) and how excited people would get apposed to the porn culture that we are exposed to today. I’m all for the tease!!! 

5. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?
It would be an absolute achievement and honour! I haven’t been doing burlesque that long but since I have started I have really thrown myself into the industry and worked my ass off to succeed. It would be like a reward for all my hard work. I am up against a lot of very talented ladies though and a massive variety of performers. Good luck to everyone its going to be a lot of fun.