'Midnight in the Naked City'

One of the perks of running a top Burlesque Production house has got to be some fab free samples and it was definitely a good morning when a brand new jazz album dropped through the letter box.

'World Class saxophonist Pete Thomas recalls the sleazy world of 1940s basement bars and notorious speakeasies…' read the letter that came with 'Midnight in the Naked City' so it was with great excitement that I popped the CD in player. I was not disappointed! The music was sexy, seductive and wonderfully produced. I took the CD along to our Valentines Striptease masterclass and the ladies' ears immediately pricked up as they all wanted to know where the album was from. 

Personal favourites on the album were the arrangements of Harlem Nocturn and Night Train and new compostition Big Girls Blues which all had the sassy up-tempo kind of vibe that as an artist I myself enjoy dancing to but for those who prefer it slow and seductive there was plenty to choose from.

Presenting Pete Thomas  - Midnight in the Naked City is available for Amazon/HMV/Itunes and directly from www.petethomas.co.uk/midnight with the revenue being donated to charity. http://www.petethomas.co.uk/midnight.html

Check it out!