Burlesque a Paris!

Last week I had the very great honour of being invited to perform at the Paris Burlesque Festival for the first time. Paris is a city I absolutely adore - elegant, refined, chic and funky. Paris is classically romantic but still manages to feel like an artistic melting pot - edgy and new.

The festival was spread over three nights with shows, club nights, a debate on feminism and burlesque and a recreated Las Vegas Boulevard complete with Wedding Chapel, Bars, a peepshow and a casinos all housed at La Bellevilloise. I must totally applaud Juliette Dragon and her team in this endevour, the Las Vegas Boulevard turned a collection of shows into an interactive and unique event - all managed profesionally and expertly, oh la la!

I love seeing how each country embraces burlesque, and I also find that the parts that a country gives weight to are interlinked with their own cultural history and identity. I was over-joyed to see neo-burlesque taking a central role at the PBF with a whole show dedicated to this often under-loved area of the art. Having already a vibrant history of striptease and world renounded shows such as the Moulin Rouge and the Lido it totally made sense that the French would want their burlesque to bring them something fresh, and fresh it was - Prince Drag-Kings, Fetish Dildo House-wives, Punk Brides and Pole Dancing Grannies (curtesy of my amazing PBF compadre Glory Pearl) were just a few of the neo-b delights on.

Here for you as always are a few visual delights of my trip!

Posing as usual - ‘scuse the dodgy Iphone upload

The Awesome A’dora Derriere - Courtesy of Tigz Rice www.tigzrice.com

My roomie the awesome Glory Pearl - Copyright Tigz Rice www.tigzrice.com

Our incredibly funky hotel Mama Shelter had a camera on the telly to allow you to take pics….I can’t believe we were so clean??? Me, Glory and the utterly Fabulous Brian Scott Bagley