Over dressed... Schmover Dressed

There aren’t many situations you will find yourself powering through the streets of Milan in a floor length velvet ball-gown and fur coat dragging a 20kg wheelie case - the Milan Burlesque Award was one of them. The floor length gown with fishtail crystal petticoat bottom may have seemed excessive but it allowed me to wear a pair of gold ballet slippers concealed under the layers instead of the usual killer heels which ensured that when my time came to perform I wouldn’t be sick to death of heels already.

The Glamour! Me feeling fabulous by the dumpsters…

Stalking through the streets in an outfit more dressy then most people wear on their wedding day I’m aware I must be attracting attention but hey, go to The City on Monday morning at 7.30am you will see hundreds of men in suits who would look stupidly out of place on a beach for instance - but they have their work attire and we have ours. Extravagance is the status quo in burlesque on and off the stage and when I arrive at the venue for the first ever Milan Burlesque Award I am soon considered ordinary in a sea of stunningly dressed, elegant men and women.

Me and my MBA partner in crime Starla Haze on opening night

The two day event celebrated the best of Italian burlesque and featured 20 Italian and international performers bringing their A-game. I’ll admit my heart was pumping when it came to my turn to perform! It was a wonderful two days excellently compered by Attilio Reinhardt and the hospitality of Les Vedettes who had put on the event was flawless. I’ll admit to feeling very patriotic when the 3 awards of the festival were scooped by Brits….Hurrah! Cucumber sandwiches and tiffin for everyone! All in all a fabulous 2 days of dancing Queen’s, pole dancing old ladies, prosseco, mermaid bubbles, gold ladies and tiaras. MBA I salute you.

OMG food in Italy has to be the best in the whole world!