Finalist Interview: Oh! Carolina

1. What does burlesque mean to you?

1) I love that Burlesque is such an all-encompassing genre - just about anything goes! It never gets boring to go to a Burlesque show as there is such a wide variety of acts out there, ranging from funny, to dark, to serious, to political, to perverted… I also love that in performing Burlesque, I get to have complete creative control over my acts - the choreography, costuming, props - everything. I get to create a whole little five minute-ish world all of my own! Finally, I appreciate Burlesque and cabaret’s anti-establishment feel, and it’s refusal to conform to the commercial, money-making world of mass entertainment (generally!).

2. What style of burlesque do you perform?
2) I don’t really feel that I perform one particular style but I do like showgirl-style acts. My interest in sideshow history is also becoming more influential to me. Generally, I am more inspired by the pre-1940s era, especially the Belle Epoque, the 1930s, and the circus midway of early 20th century America. 

3. Your favourite established burlesque act?

3) Well, I do rather like my ‘Silver Cascade’ act which I shall be performing at the final! It also seems to be the act which others really like. However, I also love performing my latest act with my bed-of-nails!

 4. Your biggest influence?

4) I try not to be too influenced by other performer’s actual acts, but there are definitely people who inspire me because of their aesthetic (I think their acts are excellent too, though!). My main inspiration is Vicky Butterfly, but also Hell’s Belle, Eliza Delite, Lada Redstar, Lola the Vamp, and Eva Strangelove. I’m sure I’ll think of others I’ve forgotten to mention! 

5. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?
5) I would be over the moon if I won Burlesque Idol! It’s such a well-known competition with a high standard of performers, and amazing judges - to be deemed worthy by them would be wonderful! 

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