Starting as we mean to go on...

Welcome to 2012! A big thank you to all those who came to our sold out New Years Spectacular! And what a night it was…. hosted by our wonderful very own Burlesque Idol host Barnaby Slater. We were treated to shows from International Headliner Chrys Columbine, Magician James Pritchard, Hula Girl Chloe Hannah Lloyd, BI 2011 Winner Jolie Papillion and Opera Queen Leonie Soprano. The night was a first for me too as I finally got to debut my Babycham routine! Some pictures below for you by P&P Photography encase you missed it all!CB Finale

Hello! Our Famous Group Fan Dance

Chloe HL

Chloe Hannah Lloyd with her routine from HOB the Remix


Ill Have a BabyCham Please!

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