Finalist Interview: Moorita

1. What does burlesque mean to you?
Self-expression glorified. No limits, no taboos.

2. What style of burlesque do you perform?
Anything but classic :) Story based, genre blending, mind twisting.

3. Your favourite established burlesque act?
Audacity Chutzpah’s “Women through the Ages”, intelligent, insightful, perfectly executed. We need more such acts on the UK and global cabaret scene!

4. Your biggest influence
Hell, whatever would happen if you mixed Kevin Spacey (boundless talent, Artist with a big “A”) with Lady Gaga (commercially successful edginess) or Al Pacino (charisma beyond belief, I worship this guy!!) with Helena Bonham-Carter (delicious sultriness and decadence) and a hint of Catherine Zeta-Jones from “Chicago” (chutzpah & sex materialised).

5. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?
It would be a visible proof that the scene is truly ripe for disruption <devilish smile>. It would make my vision of opening a new chapter in the history of burlesque (as theatre’s equally powerful and more liberated sister) so much more within reach.