Miss Luna Peach Talks to The House of Burlesque

Last Friday saw the launch of Burlesque Idol Season 5!! So, there is no better time to have asked 2013’s Winner Miss Luna Peach about her time in last years competition…

How did you hear about Burlesque Idol?
I had seen Tempest Rose perform and been to a couple of her House of Burlesque nights, which blew me away. When I started Burlesque I knew I had to do this competition! 

What is your favourite memory from the night?
How wonderful everyone was, my fellow performers, the judges, the audience. It was just such a lovely atmosphere on stage and off. 

What is your worst?
Walking to the bus after the show and not being allowed to wear my tiara!!

What do you think it was that won over the audience and judges?
My act has a bit of clowning at the beginning so I can play around a bit, be a bit silly and really engage with the audience. I have a lot of fun when I’m on stage and I think this comes across, so the audience can have fun too. The rude balloons help as well, gives them something to remember you by!! 

Do you have any advice for our 2014 contestants?
Enjoy it!! Be true to yourself and what your strengths are and own that stage! The Burlesque Idol audience are the best audience to perform in front of so have some fun. Also, listen to what the judges have to say. They know what they’re talking about and give some great advice so use it. 

What have you done since winning Burlesque Idol?
I’ve been busy performing and also creating a new cabaret night with Bebe Van der Belt, which we’ll be launching properly this year.

Has winning affected your career?
Definitely. I got booked for 3 upcoming gigs on the Saturday after winning the final so it certainly made a difference! I’ve made some great connections in the Burlesque world because of this competition and It’s a great thing to have on your Burlesque CV! Highlight of last year (apart from winning Burlesque Idol) was doing a champagne pour on stage with Tempest Rose and the Folly Mixtures, which wouldn’t have happened without Burlesque Idol!

What is your one Burlesque item you can’t live without?
Tassels and tit tape!!! I take them with me everywhere (just in case!)

And Finally, How did you choose your name?
Well, I’ve been told my best feature is my peachy derriere…so it was natural that I was a peach. Luna is Italian for moon…so all posterior related! (cheeky!)

The next Burlesque Idol Heat is February 28th at Madame JoJo’s Buy your tickets here 

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of Miss Luna Peach and apply to compete in one of our heats and win your place in our November 2014 Finale - Find information here or email lola@houseofburlesque.co.uk