Finalist Interview: Lolo Brow

In our series leading up to the Grand Final for Burlesque Idol we will also be hearing from our amazing finalists…first up is….

Lolo Brow

Q. What does burlesque mean to you?
A. The freedom to parody and find comedy in so many situations. To explore a mish- mash of genres to entertain and invite thought in the audience.
 These days I get asked that question a lot and I find myself giving the same answer as it seems to be the best way to explain what it means to me. “Burlesque to me is the  smash covering my breasts and not the breasts themselves! It is the funniest thing we all own… our bodies and understanding not to take them too seriously!”
Q. What style of burlesque do you perform?
A. I am a Neo Burlesque artist, specialising in comedy and interaction, as I strongly believe that Burlesque and entertainment should never be a one way street. The audience should always feel involved and that’s why I use the style I use.
Q. Your favourite established burlesque act?
A. I can not choose don’t ask me to! Ah far too stressful, like deciding between my children (if I had or even wanted any)
Q. Your biggest influence
A. Ah Tough question because there is actually a few massive influences in my work.
Firstly the darling Laurie Hagen who took me under her wing when I first started out, her combination of elegance and skill have always been so inspiring.
My Burlesque Ma and Pa, the sumptuous Rubyyy Jones and Mr Mistress who are both fabulous performers, they are strong, witty and above all passionate. But also like a family they have supported me continuously.
But mostly my wonderful Mama Brow, a strong, sexy lady who is so unintentionally  funny it’s painful! 
Q. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?
A.Oh gosh, getting sweaty just thinking about it. To be honest, it would mean such a truck load to me, it was a compliment enough to be in the finals however to win would help me establish myself more in this industry and in turn pushing myself to go further, to learn more about this ever growing world. Also performing makes me truly happy and to have that recognised would completely blow my dirty little mind!