Finalist Interview: Leyla Liquorice

Only a few Beauties left to tell their tales….

Leyla Liquorice

1. What does burlesque mean to you?
For me Burlesque combines three elements I love: Entertainment, Creativity and Sensuality. It isn’t only the best cocktail for a good night out, but it is also very inspiring to be working on an act and developing it, slowly changing it to the act it becomes. Off course I love the ‘girly girly’ part of it, the beautiful costumes, the rhinestones and glitter. And I enjoy the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’ the screams and shouts while performing, it gives a kick!  But most importantly in Burlesque, sensuality isn’t about your size or body: Burlesque is all about feeling confident about yourself and your body and this is a very powerful feeling.
2. What style of burlesque do you perform?
I mainly perform Comic Burlesque acts
3. Your favourite established burlesque act?
My favourite act is the act I’ll be performing at Burlesque Idol 2012…. And it is my Magician’s act. For me it has the best combination of theatricality, humor and sexiness…
4. Your biggest influence
I decided to perform Burlesque when I saw a performance of Miss Dirty Martini. Her stage presence was so great, that I only could think: I want this too!!
The Non Burlesque influence is: Charlie Chaplin. I have seen all his movies as a child and love his slapstick comedy and the way he uses his body and mimic to act. I try to use this in my acts as well.
5. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?
It would really mean a lot!! As the Burlesque scene in the Netherlands isn’t that big, and I really want to perform more often this would mean the next step to me! And maybe one day I can make a living out of performing my own Burlesque acts! But for now I’m really excited to be performing again at Madame Jojo’s. CAN’T WAIT!!!