And a note from our winner 2011....

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month you will no doubt be aware that in 2 weeks time the winner of Burlesque Idol 2012 will be crowned. But what does this title mean and more importantly what is the best way to win it?! I think the best person to answer this is Burlesque Idol 2011 - Jolie Papillon.

Since winning her title Jolie has established herself as one of London’s favourite  Burlesque artists working regularly at all established performing venues such as Volupte, Proud City and Camden, Madame Jojos, Cafe de Paris, the Brickhouse, Cellar Door and for private parties and events. She will be joining us on the 30th on the judging panel ready to pass on her crown to one of our georgous finalists. She took a break from her busy schedule to give some advice on taking the title:

Q. What is the most important quality for a burlesque artist to have onstage?
A. Personality!

Q.What does it take for an act to shine in a competition format?
A.I think one of the qualities that really engages the audience to the performance is the presence of a strong character and story line that shines throughout the whole act. That, connected with the performer’s skill is definitely the perfect formula to me!
Q.If you could give one piece of advice to the contestants what would it be?
A. Have fun! and if you’re nervous, excited or anything else, incorporate those feelings with your performance, it will turn into a good dose of adrenaline!
Thanks Jolie! You can read more about Jolie’s career here: