James Blunt Video Shoot

One of the great things about Burlesque is the chance to be involved in all sorts of exciting projects such as filming the new James Blunt Music Promo recently. The promo was set in a burlesque club before opening and where better then one of my favourite venues Volupte Lounge. Like all filming jobs the main task of the day is keeping yourself upbeat and occupied during the long times spent waiting around for your time to perform, but luckily having worked as a professional actress for 3 and a half years I was prepared for this. I was also helped by the fact that the other 7 performers with me were all fabulous burlesque artists and good friends of mine! I have attached some pictures here of our day and also the finished product - hope you enjoy :

 Waiting to start work! Tick Tick Tick……

Dressed up and ready to go in my customised corset and Kiss Me Deadly White Girdle

The film crew outside Volupte

Trying to look glam after a loooong day with cheeky Ms Galore behind me!