SERINE DAOU will already be known to avid Burlesque Idol fans and past contestants, as she has provided amazing prizes for Burlesque Idol Finalists

However, we are THRILLED to announce Serine as one of Burlesque Idol 2014’s Year Long Sponsors.

Having recently developed Silent Moon Studios, Serine is a professional Costume Fairy Godmother renown for creating some of Burlesque’s most stunning corsetry and costumes. Throughout her career Serine has mastered the skill of wrapping absolutely anything in fabric, from furniture to female curves. She loves anything sparkly and is a firm supporter of cleavage (the higher the better!). She has appeared on ‘Come Dine With Me’ in 2012 and also features regularly on BBC Radio Berkshire. She has been known even to fit various DJs into one of her corsets. 

In addition to providing a bespoke costume to the winner of Burlesque Idol 2014, this year as a special treat, Serine will provide a gift package to the winner of each heat. The lady herself will also be backstage, providing costume help, advice and will be available to stitch all contestants into their costumes and send them out in the nick of time, looking sensational.

We will be keeping you updated on Serine’s blog, as she will be sharing her work with us, including updates of the bespoke costume being made for 2013’s winner, Luna Peach

A beautiful example of Serine’s work, on one of Burlesque Idol January’s Contestants,  Hermione Lynde

 The lady herself at work

                                      WELCOME SERINE!!