I'll Have a Babycham...

I am in the process of launching a few new routines. Bigger, Better, Bolder its like Tempest version 2.0. La Revue en Rose is ticking along nicely and I have just launched the Voodoo Queen - a classic dark fans and fire cup routine. The fire was some what of an accident (although something I had been considering further down the line) and originally the routine opened with myself dancing with a beautiful bowl filled with smoking incense. One of the features of burlesque life is the constant packing and unpacking of various costumes into huge suitcases and it was during this process on the way to Kitten Club that I accidentally left the bloody incense on the windowsill! Not a problem said Vixen de Ville my fire-eating Kitten sister backstage and presented me with a fuel soaked piece of flame resistant fabric to sit in the bowl instead. After much reassurance that it would only burn for about 30 secs she lit it as Christian Lee our host introduced me. Whooooooffffffffff!!!!!!! If you have ever tried to be sexy, statuesque, and alluring whilst dancing all the while holding a burning inferno in your hand that’s getting hotter and hotter and bigger and bigger you would have understood the heart thumping fear churning under my be dazzled exterior! If not, then its probably not something you want to experience. But it did eventually burn out and didn’t incinerate the room to a crisp and the reaction from the crowd was magic… so under Vixen’s guidance I have purchased the correct equipment and added the fire officially to the routine.

The Voodoo Queen

So after setting the burlesque world “on fire” I am turning my attentions to Babycham…a brand image I have always loved. Babycham were the sponsors for our first ever Kitten Club New Players Theatre run and upon being presented with the beautiful vintage champagne glasses I was reminded of Christmas and finding a pack at the bottom of my bed. During my research I discovered that Babycham is a British drink created for ladies in the 1950s and that during that era they used to host beauty contests. The elegance and vintage history of the bottle and the cute and dare I say it sexiness of its little mascot are perfect burlesque fodder and I have chosen this for the inspiration for my next project. Below you will see a sneak peak of its beginning stages…Fingers crossed Babycham respond favourably to my letters for sponsorship!

Babycham beauty contest shoot