HOBBite#7:Put your best foot forward

This is an old Idol favourite - choose footwear you can actually dance in!

It can be tempting to choose your acts shoes based on their look but if you cant really walk in them chances are you certainly cant dance in them! Just as a sexy pair of heels will make your legs look lean, long and accentuate your feminine curves, a pair that’s too high or ill-fitting will stop you moving properly and can make you look bow-legged and unstable.

A good test is if you had to run for a bus in them, could you?

Another piece of good advice is to avoid shoes with pointy toes and a little platform is helpful not too high. Some performers also find it helpful to buy their shoes for dancing slightly tighter then normal - but that’s really up to you :) 

Definitely look amazing but are they going to hold you up on stage? Save them and use them for an amazing photo-shoot and posing at the bar after your act whilst your adoring fans buy you champagne