HOBBite#3: Boost Your Confidence

All women feel a lack in self-confidence from time to time, for some of us this may be once in a blue moon and some ladies sadly many times throughout the day. Unfortunately in the last few years it has become fashionable and even desirable for women to put themselves down but this not only dangerous but totally unnecessary and ridiculous! Burlesque teaches us to celebrate our female bodies and it is vital that any performer truly believes they are worth watching - otherwise how can you justify asking a room full of paying audience to watch let alone applaud you? Confidence is a process that needs to be tackled step by step to have a lasting effect on your life and this simple exercise can help you.

Give your brain a rest! Do you have issues with your self image? Without even realising it women pepper their speech and internal monologues with put-downs about themselves, you need to shut this off but it can be hard to change the habit of years. Start small - allocate yourself between 5 - 20 mins each day (depending on your confidence levels) where you are not allowed to think anything negative about yourself. Use this time to lift the burden of having negative thoughts and give yourself permission to be content as you are. Increase this time by 5 - 10 minutes each week. Trust me it will make a difference however small you start!

Pic by The Urban Snapper