HOBBite#2: Don't Put Your Money Where Your Foot Is

This week we shall focus on Striptease. I like to teach my ladies that striptease has 4 important stages… The Idea, The Removal, The Play and The Discard. The middle two are well known and often covered in lots of burlesque classes - how you take a garment off and how you can play with the garment when you have it in your hand, this weeks HOB Bite will focus on the undervalued ‘discard’. How you get rid of an item of clothing is the full stop of the dialogue you have created between the audience, the item and yourself, and deserves equal attention - ping it or fling it, two golden rules will stand you in good stead both artistically…and financially.

1. Make a conscious decision about how each item will be discarded and try to vary it - ping it, twirl it, fling it…just make sure you dont drop it under your feet! So often we see newer performers walking around on pieces of their costuming during their act- uh oh! Not only does it look messy, it can give the impression that what you are wearing is cheap…we know the reality is so often the exact opposite and ladies spend hours embellishing and making their costuming so treat it with respect and dont ruin it!

2. We all love to get caught in the moment with a lively audience but be careful you don’t end up flinging items into the crowd. While sometimes burlesque crowds can be lovely and respectfully return items to the stage from time to time sadly less caring crowds can leave these items on the floor to be trampled on or occasionally take them as souvenirs. Protect your investment and keep your costuming on the stage.

Striptease is a beautiful process - enjoy it, and protect your lovely costumes! See you next week and happy burlesquing.