Finalist Interview: Fanny Dent

1. What does burlesque mean to you?
The unexpected, making the audience laugh and ultimately, connecting with them.  To be honest, burlesque is impossible to define! There is such a variety of styles and different types of acts out there: from the cute and fluffy to the dark and creepy. In my first ever burlesque class, the teacher said something that always echoes in my mind when I’m searching for inspiration: “In burlesque, you can go on stage and do literally whatever you want.” That’s completely true. You can’t say that about any other performance art, and it’s precisely 
that richness that makes burlesque so exciting.

Personally, I want to make my audience laugh. When a crowd is laughing, it means they recognise some truth in the performance and identify with what they see. Also, honesty plays a big part in it for me. I want to show the audience who I really am, and that I’m just like them! - Wobbly bits and all!

2. What style of burlesque do you perform?
I’m a comedic performer who tells stories. Come watch! I promise to entertain you and I’ll make even the grumpiest old fart crack a smile!
3. Your favourite established burlesque act?
There are so many different styles that it’s impossible to compare! There’s no such thing as like for like!

4. Your biggest influence
I have to mention my first teacher, Shirley Windmill here who effortlessly removed all of my own pre-conceptions about burlesque. While taking her classes, it dawned on me that you really can do whatever YOU want in burlesque and it’s that message that has influenced me ever since. 

5. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?

It would make me happy forever.

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