Finalist Interview: Bella Fable

  1. What does burlesque mean to you?

For me it’s about having the unbridled freedom to invent- burlesque is such an exciting art-form. I respect the challenge and gravity that comes with being an entertaining woman. I love the buzz of playing solo to a bawdy crowd and the utter cheek and terror of being sexy and funny.

Plus a massive thank-fuck and hurray we live in a society that celebrates empowered, erotic women strutting their stuff, having opinions and being in front.

  1. What style of burlesque do you perform?

I like to call what I do ‘Storytelling Burlesque’ – I am an actress, writer and puppeteer and my work has influenced my style. I want to create something that’s theatrical, has a strong identity and makes my audience laugh.

  1. Your favourite established burlesque act?

Banbury Cross for her clout and Ginger Blush for her ingenuity.

  1. Your biggest influence


  1. What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?
It would be a massive fucking honour 
Bella Fable by Tigz Rice