Banged Up Prison Profile - THE Diablo Daniels

The Diablo Daniels, 

One of our Newest inmates… We know your crime, do you have anything to say in your defence?


Why are you Banged up?

For righting the wrongs  of oppression on women from the patriarchy, and having the balls (ovaries) to take matters into my own hands (or vagina)

What is your role in Cellblock HOB? 

*RAPS* I be that rockabilly rachet/ with a nasty habit /I chop cocks off with a passion/ Goddamn it.
What is the one item you can’t be without? 
Red lipstick. Easy for marking your prey.
What is your most dangerous feature?
My fuck the world mentality? No. My thug life past? Probably not. Nah, its definitely gotta be all the teeth up in my vagina. VAGINA DENTATA BITCHES!
Are you guilty?

Picture by Oli Sandler

You have 3 days until all inmates are back in Cellblock HOB, Catch them this Friday Madame JoJo’s  - For Booking Click HERE!