Banged Up - Prison Profile Lolo Brow

Banged Up is our brand new show. On the Second Friday of every month at Madame JoJo’s 

We have been given access to each of the CellblockHOB inmates Pre-Sentence Report to give some insight into their crimes.

So… Who is Guilty?  First up to the Stand. Lolo Brow.


Lolo, Why are you Banged up?

Mostly for my complete and utter disregard for anything sane.

And apparently its completely unacceptable to eat a pigeon raw in a children’s playground. 

What is your most dangerous feature?

My Killer Arse. It has been known to suffocate on occassion.

What is the one item you can’t live without?

My Little Rooster alarm clock vibrator… Don’t ask

Finally Lolo Brow - Are you Guilty or Not Guilty?

Oh ever so guilty… very proud to be.

Picture by The Urban Snapper

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