Finalist Interview: Allura Pari

Interview number 2 comes from our latest winner….

Q.What does burlesque mean to you?

A.Burlesque means many things to me. It gives me the opportunity to bring my dance style to a new audience and explore a creative way of story-telling. Burlesque combines my love of costume and dancing with my passion for performing and my exhibitionist side! It helps me to keep my body in shape and best of all it has introduced me to a whole world full of fabulous new friends.

Q.What style of burlesque do you perform?

A.I perform a classic strip within stories inspired by my background as a classical Indian dancer. Future performances will see me as a belly dancing snake charmer as well as singing and telling seductive stories and fairy tales.

Q. What is your favourite established burlesque act?

A.There are so many wonderful performers worldwide but my current favourites have to be Miss Polly Rae for her polished, contemporary singing and dancing extravaganza and her fabulous hosting skills and Vicky Butterfly for the ethereal magic she brings to the stage.

Q.Your biggest influence?

A. My biggest influence is powerful, successful, sensuous women. I am inspired by the courtesans and Maharis (temple dancers) of ancient India as well as modern day women; be them politicians, businesswomen, singers, dancers or fellow burlesque starlets!

Q.What would it mean to you to win Burlesque Idol 2012?

A.To win burlesque idol would be a dream come true. It would inspire me to take my act to a wider audience and explore new themes and performance opportunities.

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