A Regular 9 - 5?

Are there many more enjoyable senarios then being backstage, half dressed, pouring blood onto a china cup and debating Osama Bin Laden and the Alternative Voting System? I don’t think so, and certainly not when they are fused with tales of sipping sweat from Latex skin pockets and the locations from which to buy french beer in the heart of Soho. And so a very pleasant evening was passed at Bete Noir last night in the charming company of Ophelia Bitz, Mat Ricardo, Holly Penfield and the BN Crew. My brand new Voodoo Queen routine was successfully launched complete with blood bath (theatrical) and magically appearing smoke cloud (plain flour). My new BBF (Back stage Best-Friend) Mat Ricardo and I managed a 15 minute whistle-stop tour through all the subjects polite people are not supposed to discuss as acquaintances (politics, religion, etc) - I take issue with this, surely there can be no better way to cement a friendship on the second meeting? Our discussions were augmented by the fabulous backdrop of Ms Bitz’s wonderful hosting patter and marvellously talented Holly Penfield wondering around in a hat adorned with stiletto shoes. Some times I can fall into the habit of complaicently believing that my job is the same as anyother, last night, fabulously was not one of them.

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