A Brand new Shimmy for House of Burlesque!

As some of you may have heard we are under going an exciting time here at House of Burlesque Headquarters - with Lola LaBelle off in Australia introducing those ‘down-under’ to Burlesque Idol and Shipwrecked! and am thrilled to announce my taking over of House of Burlesque Ltd here in the UK!

When Lola LaBelle and I first started brainstorming the company we wanted to really show the best of Burlesque at a professional level - a company that would produce great shows, high quality classes and training and that would strive for what we believed Burlesque could and should be. Sitting in a cafe in beautiful Edinburgh up to our ears in the incredible circus of the 2010 Festival in which we sold-out every show and won our ‘Pick of the Fringe’ award for our show Circus Burlesque, we dreamed of what we hoped we could achieve.

Now one year on I am incredibly proud of our three wonderful shows and training programmes, we have sold-out houses, received critical acclaim, and worked with some incredibly talented artists, directors, venues and colleagues who have helped us make this all possible.

It is now time for the next phase of the House of Burlesque. I truly believe the secret to a happy and successful life relies in the ability to grow and change, so when the opportunity for Lola LaBelle take our two shows Shipwrecked and Burlesque Idol to Australia I felt mixture of both sadness and excitement. Sadness to say good bye to my business partner and HOB founder, but also excitement for the future of House of Burlesque Ltd here in the UK under my directorship and I am incredibly excited to announce the new phase of The House of Burlesque. Those of you who know me already know I am utterly committed to Burlesque as a living, high-quality, professional artform and the coming year will prove no exception I promise you. We have some incredibly exciting projects on the horizen as well as great plans for our resident successful shows Shipwrecked!, Burlesque Idol and Circus Burlesque which we will continue to push to new heights.

I’d like to thank all of our resident artists, audiences, fans and colleagues who continue to work with House of Burlesque and raise a glass to this new season…

The future’s bright, the future is Swarovski crystalled and nipple tasseled!